Following in Our Footsteps

As I mentioned earlier this week (when I explained our foolish drive through Irene), we not only got to spend time with my side of the family (at Chloe and Brandon’s wedding) during our short trip, but we also got to hang out with Mr. Bunches’ side.  And who did we get to see?!  Why Bunches Junior herself!

Of course, the visit was last weekend, so obviously there wasn’t snow on the ground.  Duh.

But we got to crash her Boston apartment, and for the last time!  See Junior just loves us soooooo much, that she’s decided to follow in our footsteps and make her own pilgrimage to New York (closer to NYC, but still, NY state).  So we said goodbye to her cute Boston apartment (and her cute self).  And since I was there, I decided to try doing a little mini-apartment crashing, blog-style (and I also got in some more manual camera practice since taking my online photography class).  So here are just a few of my favorite moments in Kara’s apartment . . .

Love the sweet little art that she has hidden everywhere.

And I love this chair/pillow combo.  Especially with all that light pouring in the windows.

And how about this homage to my favorite character of all?  Chunk!!  Actually, Chunk is famous–she was the bell of the ball at the 20th Annual Del Mar Pug Parade . . . you can check out a pic of her chunkness here.

And one of the sweetest things about Junior’s place is all the amazing scrapbooks that she and her boyfriend have made for each other.  They are scrapbooking fiends those two!

The Mr. was loving looking through them . . . who knows?  Maybe he’ll get into the act and make me one?   

Alright–who are we kidding?  If anyone’s going to make a scrapbook, it’ll probably be me.  But now I know that the Mr. will love it!

Best of luck on your move Junior!  We love you!

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