Driving Miss Irene

Nothing like a nice relaxing Sunday drive, eh?

Yep, the Mr. and I were some of the idiots that took to the road on Sunday against everyone’s (newscasters, governors, panicked fathers-in-law) warnings.  But see, it wasn’t because we wanted the thrill of Driving Miss Irene; nope–it was because we were in Massachusetts and we needed to get back home to Brockport.  And it needed to happen Sunday.  ‘Cuz I had a flight to TX to catch today.  Starting to understand our logic?  Good.

So we drove straight through all that yellow/orangey gobbledy-gook.  But it wasn’t that bad . . . just a few white-knuckled moments.

That necessitated a brief pull-over at one of the rest stops.  Check out the McDonald’s flags a-wavin’:

The rain pretty much started Saturday afternoon and just kept on trucking.  So we drove through a lot of it, with it clearing only just past Syracuse. 

Luckily, there weren’t any accidents.  Just some fallen trees and a little bit of flooding.  No problem for the Bunches!

But why were we in Massachusetts?  Had we changed our minds and decided to jump ship Western NY?!?!  Nope.  Nothing that dramatic–sorry.  We took a road trip to attend my littlest sister’s wedding (my older sis announced it here)!  So stay tuned to see all the details tomorrow . . .

In the meantime, here are some shots of our quick tour around Boston before dropping my big sis and her husband at the airport.  Luckily, Irene didn’t interfere with their flight home, so thank goodness for that!

Of course, Irene made Boston eerily empty on what-would-be a normally busy summer Saturday . . .

We walked down by the water and were surprised at all the boats still docked.  Wonder how they ended up faring?  Some places, though, were ready for the much-hyped Irene . . .

But the media sensationalism about the dreaded Irene didn’t stop us from poking around our old city . . .

Besides being a little overcast, it was actually a perfect day to walk around.  That is, until this happened:

Luckily we were safely back in the car when the rain started Saturday.  And we even got to spend Saturday night visiting some of Mr. Bunches’ family, including the Junior Bunches herself, so all worked out great.  It really was sort of an over-hyped storm, at least for Western MA and Upstate NY–driving through it was the equivalent of driving through any rain storm.  So take that naysayers!

Alright, even though I’m traveling all week for work, I’ve got some great updates planned–weddings in Maine, apartment-visiting in Boston, and even a wood floor decision (I know you’re all on the edge of your seats over that one)!

Anyone else have a different take on Irene?  Did she live up to your expectations?  Or do you agree that she was just sort of a grumpy old woman with no real bite?


  1. I’m glad that you all made it safely home and congrats to your little sister! Irene hit Virginia pretty hard, but with the exception of a downed tree in the yard we managed to escape much of her wrath. We still have a lot of friends in the area without power and there were a handful of deaths throughout the state (due largely to falling trees). It is good to know that you all escaped the flooding that has hit other areas…especially with your new digs 🙂

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