Watch your step

As promised yesterday, I’m here to share some photos of the completed patio. Completed, that is, according to our contractor who was trying to get paid before leaving for vacation. How come contractors have their own definition of completed?

completed: past participle, past tense of com·plete (Verb)

         1. Finish making or doing.

completed: past participle, past tense of com·plete (Contractor’s Verb)

         1. Finish making or doing at the bare minimum with no regard to what was originally promised, just enough to get paid.

The difference is there, albeit subtle.  Okay, maybe not so subtle–I’m probably laying it on pretty thick here, but I think we’ve all been there, right?  But I have to remind myself that Steve was the one who finished our weeping wall in only three days (see more on that project here), and he was the one who found the problem during our inspection, which resulted in us getting a large credit from the sellers that then funded all these projects.  So, to be fair, I’m only slightly upset.  Yeah–let’s call it slightly.

Okay, so want to see what the patio looks like now?  Sure you do!  Especially if you’ve been waiting patiently since reading all about it here and here.  But first, let’s all step into our Wayback Machine and take a look at what was . . .

. . . the jungle patio on closing day:

Then fast forward to only two days after closing when demo began:

Fast forward one more day when the tree killers removers did their dirty work (see all the evidence of the carnage here):

Skip ahead to a week later . . .

And then, FINALLY, after begging and pleading with Steve to finish it before he went on vacation, we now have this:

Not too shabby, eh?  We’re definitely happy with it.  I even like that there is some variation in the pavers (even though I had been told all would be shale black, it looks like each different-sized piece is a slightly varied shade) since it highlights the pattern I chose.

OH, and that’s not bird poop–just paver dust.  It’s rained since then and all those spots are gone.  So what do you think?  Do you like it?  Steve did a great job, huh?

Of course, just don’t look too closely, or you’ll start to notice things.  Little things, like, oh, I don’t know, the missing cap piece on the left side of the wall . . . or the chewed up bricks that still need to be replaced on the brick wall . . . 

How ’bout that big pile o’ dirt in the background?  We’re thinking about waiting until winter when it should get covered with snow and then we’ll have our own little ski hill to practice on.

What do you think of those steps that Steve built us (as promised)?  Pretty nice, huh?  They make it so easy to step out the sliders and safely get down to the patio.  I don’t know what we’d do without them.  Oh wait–do you not see them?  You mean you don’t have contractor vision in which you magically see things done that are, in all actuality, just complete figments of your imagination?  Kind of like this guy . . .

Yeah–so that’s what I mean by the contractor’s definition of complete.  Apparently in contractor world patios are just for looking at and not actually accessing and enjoying from the house.  BUT, I’m trying to hold onto some faith (trying being the operative word there) that Steve will come through and build us some stairs.  We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime I’m just going to sit back and enjoy my new completed almost completed patio wall . . .

. . . and imagine me up some steps . . .

One comment

  1. I love the way it came out (minus the few missing details). What it does most of all is make me wish I had the money to do something fabulous with my cement slab out back!

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