Don’t Pet the Animals

Already you must know how much we love animals.  We’ve seen a lot of them since moving to NY, but none quite like the specimens in the Hilton Zoo . . .

Totally different kind of zoo.  With music, gambling, beverages, you name it–the Hilton Zoo had it!

A few weeks ago our friends Braden and Amber took us here for some good times, good fun, and of course, some liquid refreshment.  I kind of love that the entrance sign (because of the balloon) implies that only one person under the age of 21 can be admitted–could you imagine the fights over getting to be THAT one?!

Yes sir–I had my first Genny Light.  Nothing but the best for me and the Mr., eh?

Our friends knew better and steered clear of the Genny (wise decision B&A) . . .

Of course, there was more fun to be had than just in the Zoo.  This was the Hilton Fair after all!  There were rides . . .

Refreshments . . .

Mmm . . . fried dough.

Oh, and we had our FIRST fried oreos . . . which basically means we got to experience heaven in a crispy shell.

We also had fun playing some carnival games . . .

(They’re trying to knock a kid in the water from about a million miles away.  No joke–I’m pretty sure no kids got wet here, but it was all for the boy scouts, so it was worth it.)

We had more success at this game:

It’s like BINGO but with rubber balls.  Genius.

Amber and I both ended up big winners.  What did we win?  Well, you’ll just have to wait a few more weeks for the big prize’s debut . . . riveted, aren’t you?

Overall, the Hilton Fair was a great time, so thanks B&A for a fun night out!

Of course, we weren’t thanking you the next morning, but that’s another story . . .

Still not sure how the patio project’s progressing, but we’ll definitely have updated pics for you on Monday–until then, enjoy your weekend!  You know we’ll be enjoying ours . . . painting, digging, planting, ya’ know–all-around-home-owning kind of stuff.  Joy.


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