The Befores

Doesn’t that sound like a cool name for a band or something.  Oh wait, I just googled it and turns out it is the name of a band . . . who knew?  Well, maybe people in San Francisco since that’s where the band’s based out of.  But I digress.  This post is not about Zareen and Humbert (yes–those are apparently the names of the two individuals that comprise The Befores.  Not sure what to say about that, so maybe I’ll just keep my mouth shut); instead it’s a quick run-down of the before pictures of our home.  We’ve been so busy with making changes that I realized I never did a proper post to show you what it looked like on closing day.  So here goes, quick-and-dirty-like:

The exterior (which we’ve already massively changed–see more here)

The kitchen (from multiple different angles)

And the eating area next to the kitchen:

View from the eating area to the kitchen (and you can see the hallway to the rest of the house on the left side, and the folding doors are to the laundry area):

View to the dining room.  The door on the left goes upstairs.

The laundry room:

The combo living and dining room (the room is pretty dark, so the slow shutter speed I needed to get this much light meant that the Mr. was a total blur):

This angle shows how you can see all the way into the Master Bedroom on the far right . . .

The outdated half bath:

The entry vestibule (yeah–we’re fancy like that.  We have a vestibule.):

View from the vestibule into the house (basically the living room):

View from the entry hallway to the second bedroom (far doorway), half bath (right side), and living room (left side):

Second bedroom:

Master Bathroom (more on that in our already-mentioned first demo project here):

Master Bedroom:

The family room (aka panel dungeon):

And now moving on up (upstairs that is):

The walk-in cedar closet (possibly the only room in the house that I don’t plan on changing at all):

Bedroom #3 (and what will be the Mr.’s office):

Bedroom #4 (aka the room with the stolen light from Pizza Hut):

The upstairs bathroom:

And finally, the patio (off of the sliders in the paneling-laden family room; for more info about how we’re demo’ing this, check out here, here, and here):

Alright, so there are the official BEFORE pictures.  These are now a far-cry from what the house looks like, and all week I’ll be trying to post updates . . . we’ve been painting, cracking concrete, fixing walls, and tearing out carpet so stay tuned to check out our progress!


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