Holy No More

That’s right–guess what today is?!  CLOSING DAY!  So that holy house is ours–all ours!

And you know what that means, right?  It sure as heck ain’t holy no more . . .



  1. Great news! Carl just forwarded his note to you with your news re: closing and the blog. The house looks georgeous, and I’ll have to tell Carl about the pavers; they’re looking to do the same thing here. BTW, love the modern whites to the right. Do you know Dwell Magazine and Apartmenttherapy. com? You’d love both.

    Be well, and good luck with the closing! Megan

    • Congratulations! Enjoyed seeing the photos of the Holy House Tour. Great house! Your
      weekend sounds like the story of my life. Fixers, fixers and more fixers. But it has paid off.
      So glad you have this cool blog so I can see the progress and be glad it’s not me!

      I hope your mom is coming to Chloe’s wedding. I don’t have her e-mail, or you could send her mine. We need perfect attendance of the e-wives club.:) E,J&I are staying at the hotel with
      blocked rooms, can’t remember the name. The boys are staying home with friends. It would be
      too strange to trouble their minds with some random “Grandpa”.

      The wedding site looks gorgeous and I’m excited about the trip to the beautiful East Coast.
      Had to skip Williamsville because my friend is just starting a new job that week, and it is not as close to Maine as I thought when it comes to transportation.

      Looking forward to seeing you again,

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