Kitchen Mood Board #1

I know I need to focus on just one thing, but I can’t.  Haven’t you learned yet that I’m totally crazy?  Well, if you haven’t, don’t worry–you will.  So I’ve started thinking about our eventual kitchen redesign (in addition to our wood floors, half-bath reno, furniture makeovers, etc.), and I put together one of what could be many kitchen mood boards using Kraftmaid’s Inspiration board tool.  The nice thing about the tool is that you can add your own images, so you’re not stuck with just their choices.  Which is a good thing since I had a hard time finding anything I liked in their options.  Oops–looks like we probably won’t be buying Kraftmaid cabinets.  But their design tool?  Yes please.  Only downside is that you have to add at least 3 images from them.  I found that annoying, and I later used Windows Paint to change out two of the pics (I know, I know–I need to learn how to use Photoshop to make my life easier, but when exactly I’ll find the time, I have no idea).  Anyways, on to the mood board breakdown:

1. Dark wood floors.  What can I say?  I just dig ’em.  Which means that it’s probably the direction we’ll go in the rest of the house, but the plan now is to at least see what they look like au naturel once we tear out the carpet.  (More on our hard wood floor dilemma here.)

These particular floors are the Congo Floors Bamboo Hardwood from Overstock for $107.99 for 31.09 sf (that equates to ~$3.48 per square foot).  No reason in particular that I grabbed this image over other dark hardwood images, although I do like the sustainability of bamboo, and I’m also a fan of wide plank floors.

2. An industrial chic slash restaurant-style faucet.  I just love the look of this style.  Plus, I think it’s handy to have the sprayer right in the faucet.  And at only $155.99, I think it’s a good deal.  Of course, since we’re not actually in the buying stage, I have to add the caveat that I haven’t done any hard-core bargain hunting yet; there very well could be (and likely are) better deals out there.  But for now, this Vigo Pull-Out Spiral Kitchen Faucet is on my list.

3. Subway tiles.  In white.  Maybe with dark grout or maybe with white grout.  I just love the simplicity of them.  And yes, I know they’re everywhere now and kind of predictable, but I also think they’re classic and timeless.  So there–take that you naysayers!  The particular picture I grabbed for my mood board wouldn’t work as a back splash (since they’re only mini versions measuring 1″x2″ available here), but you can buy the regular-sized subway tiles practically anywhere (here are some for 83 cents each; again–probably not the best price, but at least gives you an idea of what a big box store sells them for).

Anyways, I’m thinking I might like to use them for a back splash, but since this is just the first mood board, that could all change . . .

4. Countertops.  Holy decisions Batman!  There are so many options, so many materials, so many colors, so many finishes . . . my head’s spinning.  But for this mood board, I went with Bianco River Silestone (part of Silestone’s quartz River series).  I like that it’s bright with just subtle variations.  And I like that it doesn’t seem overly shiny, but not totally dull either.  Just a really good neutral.  Now, I have no idea how much Silestone costs, but I think it’s fairly pricey.  And I don’t know much about the pros and cons of it as a countertop surface, so definitely this decision will take some more research on my part, but for now I’m just loving the look.

5. Cabinet style.  Here, I think I’m decided–I want Shaker-style cabinets.  Probably a little more square than this version from Cabinets For Less, but you get the idea.  Simple, simple, simple.

6. And since I like these cabinets too (and plan to have mostly drawers anyways), here’s a good combo of the cabinets with a range top that I’m loving:

The image is from DecorPad here.  I love the six burner gas range (the Holy House currently has an electric range, so we’ll have to get a gas line run for the cooktop), and gas is definitely a must for a range top–it just lets you control your cooking heat so much better than an electric range.  However, an electric oven is the way to go since it’s able to keep a constant temperature much better than a gas oven.  Oh, and see the drawer styles–that’s kind of what I’m thinking about.  See how crisp and clean it looks?

7. Pendant lights.  I foresee multiple locations where pendant lights might end up in the kitchen–at least one over the sink, and then at least two over an island.  And I love the combination of modern, 60s-style, industrial radness that this Mega Bulb Pendant Light by designer Sofie Refer has:

But, at $285 each, and the impracticality of having to buy such a specialized bulb, it probably isn’t in the cards.  But isn’t is beautiful?  Sigh.

8. An apron sink.  Sometimes called a farmhouse sink.  This, for me, is a MUST-HAVE.  I’ve always wanted one, and yes, I know that they’re a bit on the expensive side, but I love it.  And it will make me happy whenever I’m the Mr. is doing dishes.  And I’m sure it will make him happy too–right Mr.?  Of course it will.

Now, I don’t recall where I got that picture from, but needless to say there are lots of places to buy farmhouse sinks (Amazon has one here for only $525 and free shipping–not bad really) . . .

My only instruction from the Mr. (since he usually does the dishes) is that he wants one large sink instead of a split sink.  Oh, and he wants a deep bowl.  Done and done.

9. A range hood.  See, while I haven’t totally planned out the layout of the new kitchen, my thought as of now is that the cooktop will be on the island, which means that we need a good-looking range hood.  And one that doesn’t block too much of the site line or become too over-bearing.  And that’s where this guy comes in:

And at only $483.99, I think it’s a steal!  (We went to a local appliance dealer and their similar range hoods were over $1,500!)  It’s the Contemporary Cidade Stainless Steel Range Hood from Overstock.  Basically, I want something that looks good but that also kind of just disappears.  This one could be a finalist.

10. Like I mentioned above, I’m planning on having a kitchen island.  And I like the idea of it contrasting a bit with the rest of the kitchen, probably with a different countertop.  Maybe a countertop like this concrete one:

Or even this one (yet another concrete option from here):

Again, I’d have to do some more research on how durable a concrete countertop is, but one thing I know: I definitely love the look.

11. Open Shelving.  I know it’s risky–sometimes it’s nice to be able to shut in all your schtuff inside cabinets; but the flip side is that it just makes everything more accessible and allows your schtuff a moment in the spotlight.  And I kind of like my schtuff.  I kind of want it to have its moment.  To have its chance to say to the world: here I am!  And here I shall stay. Okay, too much?  Sorry.

Image from here.

12. Random accessories.  Yep–I had a hole to fill in the mood board, so I chose this:

I think it was the 60s style of this Modcloth mug that made me want to include it.  You know, so it would make the Holy House feel more like its old 60s self.  Of course, the Mr. and I aren’t ones to spend $12.99 on a mug, especially since we aren’t card-carrying members of the Caffeine-Crazy-Club, so this will likely not make the final mood board.  But, alas, a hole had to be filled.  And filled it was.

Okay, so that basically sums it up.  What do you think?  Any countertop suggestions?  Anything that should definitely be stricken from the plan?  Anything we’re missing?  Any kitchen remodeling horror stories you want to share?



  1. so the biggest thing for a kitchen would be to look at your workflow (live with it for a time) about where and how you use your space. I wish I had had the opportunity to use the kitchen first. Big ticket items are moving water pipes, power sources and fuel sources. we didn’t put a sink in our island because it was major work ($$) for adding pipes to the existing system. Where your heating is located is probably not negotiable as well.

  2. I absolutely like all of your kitchen ideas so far! A great choice for the range hood…it doesn’t dominate. The concrete island is a very interesting look…having the island top different from the other countertops is a nice look – the concrete is neutral and will compliment. I know those large bulb pendant lights are expensive, but I think they would be one of the most exciting accent pieces in the entire house.REALLY! they are so dynamic! Instead of family and friends each presenting you with individual knick-knack housewarming gifts…we could share in the bigger items —-the pendant light ,for example. Well, those are my thoughts for now – have fun in this journey! mom

  3. You wrote that you didn’t know about the cost of Silestone…when we were redoing the counters in our Woodbridge house before sale, we looked at Silestone thinking it would be a nice, reasonably priced upgrade. Boy were we wrong. It was the most expensive of all the options we looked at. We ultimately settled for a nice dark green granite. However, if this will be your house for quite awhile, I would look at the cost difference as an investment and probably take that step up to the Silestone. BTW, I love the idea of the light above and dark floors.

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