Good Luck Eating

No, I’m not wishing you good luck in your eating endeavors (I’m guessing since you’ve got reading down, then you’ve probably mastered chewing and swallowing).  Nope–this post is all about a great eating discovery that the Mr. and I made (well, I actually made the discovery, but I’ll share the limelight with my Mr. B): Good Luck Restaurant in Rochester’s Village Gate (an artsy area with restaurants, studios, and shops).  The restaurant itself is in an old warehouse . . .

We liked the vibe right from the beginning–no sign (good thing we knew the address or we might have not been able to find it), low-key, unpretentious.  Just check out the candles lighting the stairs . . .

Love the Ball jar!  And then the bulletin board upon walking in the front door . . .

Pretty rad vintage pictures, don’t you think?

Luckily we made reservations since it was a Saturday night and it was B-U-S-Y.  The place was bumpin’–no joke.  They have a large bar, a chef’s table in the kitchen (um, yes please?  Of course, you need a minimum of 6 to reserve the chef’s table–any locals interested?  Just let us know . . . ), and then a good-sized dining room.  All the tables were different, but rustic; each chair was wood, but a different shape.  Kind of like Monica’s kitchen set from Friends, except not painted . . .

Oh, and check out the dark wood floors–sort of raw and unfinished with just stain thrown on haphazard-like.  Love them!  Which of course means I’m still confused about what direction we should go with our floors.  Oh well, more food for thought, right?  (Yeah, that was a pun.  Deal.)

I bet you also noticed the amazing chalkboard menu wall too, right?

Totally amazing, right?

Much better than my attempt at Big Guy’s back in Boston, but oh well–this gives me something to aspire too in case we ever go down the food road again . . . never say never, right?

The tables were set simply, with all the tools you’d need to serve a family meal . . .

. . . which was a good thing since the food all came family-style.  Yep–everything on the menu comes out of the kitchen whenever it’s ready, and everything’s served to the center of the table for passing and sharing.  Like I said before–totally unpretentious and low-key.  And yet the menu is anything but just your standard simple fare . . .

The most difficult thing about Good Luck was trying to decide what to get.  But we managed.

First up?  Drinks.  Duh.  The Mr. had himself a cold one . . .

. . . while I opted for a glass of wine.

We could have brought our own bottle for a $10 corkage fee (or you can bring a bottle on Thursday nights when there’s NO corkage fee), but the Mr. wasn’t feeling wine.  Next time.  Then we placed our order for food and got the warning from our waitress that things come out when they’re ready, not necessarily in the order that we ordered them.  We said, “No problem.”  After all, we were in no rush.  And it kind of made the meal exciting–what was going to come out next?!  Yeah, I know–not that exciting for most, but for us, it was right up there with the Royal Wedding.   We’re talking edge of your seats exciting :).

First thing to make it to our table? The Mesclun Greens with avocado vinaigrette . . . can we say ridiculously yummy?

And of course, that’s when the serving tools came in handy.  Up next?  Well, we opted for the chef’s choice small charcuterie plate–two meats, two cheeses of the chef’s choosing.  With accompaniments of course.  Ours ended up being Manchego (a favorite from our honeymoon in Spain), Camembert, Duck Confit, and house-made Chorizo (bonus!  another fav from our honeymoon).  Oh, plus some honeyed blueberries and a roasted onion jam.  Mm-mm-good!

My favorite combo?  The creamy Camembert with blueberries on a baguette.  The Mr.’s?  Manchego, Chorizo, and Duck Confit on bread.  Basically, it was all fantastic.  I could have just eaten another Charcuterie plate, but we had more goodness on its way . . .

Any guesses?  No?  Okay, I’ll spill it–that’s the Braised Oxtail with Tripe and Tomato Sauce.  Yeah–we ate tripe.  And it was good.  How’s that for exciting eats, huh?!

At this point, we were pretty comfortably full, but we had one more item on its way . . .

I forgot to take a picture of it before we attacked it served ourselves, but it’s the Grilled Lamb Sausage with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes.  It had quite a kick, but that didn’t stop us . . .

Yeah, let’s just say we were Gold Star members of the Clean Plate Club that night.

So there you have it!  Gourmet dining in Rochester?  Check!  Of course, we’re definitely going to have to go back before our big move to Buffalo (let’s just say we were drooling over some of our fellow diners’ food–you should’ve seen the 1 pound burger served family style!) . . . maybe even on a Thursday?  Good Luck finding someplace better (get it?)!  Ha!

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