No Goat for You!

That’s what the Mr. said to me.  In his best Soup Nazi voice.  So if you’re upset with my little hoax from Monday, I’m sorry.  I wish we could have a goat, but that would likely necessitate some type of farm or wide open yard, neither of which we have just yet.  Turns out goats can’t be house-trained either, or so I’ve been told, so that was just another little truth-stretching I added in–again, my apologies if you’ve now gone out and bought your own goat in order to join the Mr. and I in the Cool Kids Club (you know you want in–don’t kid yourself).

So again, my sincerest apologies for identifying those of you that don’t read entire blog posts (ahem-Olsen-ahem) getting you excited about Ashley H (the goat, not the Bachelorette–she’s almost too annoying to get excited about, but I digress).  And for those of you who would like to see more goats, we did just that for the Mr.’s birthday this past weekend, so you’re in luck!  Where pray tell?  Why, at the Monroe County Fair of course!

Except this time, they were in costume!  The 4H kids had a costume pageant  . . . so adorable!

I loved that this little girl was in full control of this cow!  And then these little kids (they couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5) were totally working it with their goats . . .

I meant to ask that little girl where she got the rockin’ pink cowboy boots . . . love her style!  My favorite costume was the bumble bee, but the judges gave her 3rd place:

And the winner?  Well . . . . . it was SUPER GOAT!  (Sorry for the blurry pic, but she was so fast . . . I guess that’s why she’s called SUPER GOAT!)

She kind of reminded me of the Greatest American Hero . . . Believe it or not, I’m walking on air.  I never thought I could feel so free-ee-ee!  Flying away on a wing and a prayer, who could it be?  Believe it or not, it’s just me . . . (and yes, I knew those lyrics by heart without even looking them up.  That was just a great show.)

Back to the fair though.  The Mr. got right in there with the prize cows–those things were H-U-G-E.

And we also checked out the birds.  There were some crazy pigeons that I’d never seen the likes of before . . .

And some pretty rad chickens . . .

Laying some pretty rad eggs . . .

Oh, and did anyone know that tidbit about the color of a chicken’s eggs?  You learn something every day . . .

There were competitions for everything, including flowers.  Check out these gorgeous winners . . .

Oh, and did you know this is how pineapples grow?  Blue Monkey Mike knew . . .

But, we didn’t just look at animals, eggs, and flowers all day.  Heck no–this was a FAIR for crying out loud!  And you know what that means . . . CARNIVAL GAMES!!!

The rules with this one were that whatever quarters you won had to be replayed.  So the goal was not to get quarters, but to get blue plastic chips–three chips and you won a prize.  We actually had a great time with this–there were so many quarters that poured out, that we ended up playing for a looooooooong time, and it only cost us $1 of our own money.  Of course, we didn’t actually win any blue chips, but oh well.  The Mr. even developed a strategy–two quarters at once:

It totally worked.  Well, sort of.  I wanted that keychain in the worst way!!!

Isn’t it funny how something that costs a quarter at Wal-mart can suddenly seem so enticing when it’s just out of reach?  😉

The Mr. also tried to win me some bigger prizes . . .

But he had no luck.  The closest he got was groping Scooby.  No comment.

And on that note, I think I’ll end this post.


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