Fireworks Photography

I know, I know–this post is basically a week late.  Fourth of July is a distant memory now for most of you, but I’ve only just gotten around to taking a look at the 200+ pictures I took at Brockport’s festivities from last weekend.  But don’t worry–I’m not going to show you all 200.  Nope–I’ve edited it down to my 10 favorites (and deleted the rest–taking 15 MP pictures eats up computer memory like you wouldn’t believe!).  So why am I sharing completely untimely pictures with you?  Well, because that’s what we do here; and by “we” I mean me (with Mr. Bunches standing firmly in support behind me).  And plus–this was my first attempt at night photography with my new camera (despite owning the camera for 7 months–oops), and I think some of them came out not completely horrible.  How’s that for talking myself up?  Anyways, here goes . . .

First up: the world’s scariest Ice Cream man.   ‘Nuff said.

Scariest Ice Cream Man EVER

Is it just me or does the red “ICE CREAM” look like it might possibly be written in blood?

And now for the big show–I played with lots of different camera settings and actually shot in full Manual Mode for the first time (trust me, that’s a big step for this new-to-DSLR-cameras-with-lots-of-settings-and-no-photography-knowledge-whatsoever girl), so please go easy on the judging . . .

Okay, okay, so I know they’re not great or even really all that good.  But they’re mine and I can’t wait to compare them to next year’s (which hopefully will be much improved).

Happy Belated Fourth Everyone!


Happy Birthday Liane!

Guess what today is?!?!  Liane’s Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday . . . we miss you!


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