Craigslist Dresser Discovery

Now that we’ve bought a house and have a closing scheduled, I’ve been scouring Craigslist for good furniture finds to not only furnish our new home, but also to give me an outlet for trying out some of the projects that I’ve got rolling around in my head.  So a week ago, I found these two dressers on Buffalo’s Craigslist and I knew they’d be perfect:

Craigslist Dresser 2

The mid-century style was just what I was looking for, and the sizes were right–66″ long for the first, 54″ long for the second.  Clean lines, good storage–what more could you ask for?

The seller was asking $65 each, and advertised them as solid wood, so I went to take a look.  Both were in good condition (the drawers all worked, the legs were sturdy) but they definitely needed to be refinished.  So I offered $100 for the pair, and the seller accepted.  Score, right?!  Well, I thought so too until it came time to get them from Buffalo to Brockport, and that’s when my bubble burst a little.  We could only fit the smaller one in our car, so unfortunately, that was the only one we got.  😦  It would’ve cost too much to rent a truck to try and get the longer one, so it was a no go.  But, for only $50, I was still pretty psyched to at least get one.

Here’s a shot once we got it home:

Good bones, right?  It had dovetailed drawers . . .

. . . but, it turned out to be totally veneered (someone with more experience with furniture I’m sure would have been able to figure this out sooner than I did, but oh well–lesson learned):

How can you tell that a piece is veneered?  Well, if you look at the picture of the top of the dresser, you can see that the edge is clearly a piece of veneer (basically really thin wood) glued down (another hint–it’s chipped; even another hint–real wood doesn’t have seams).  An easier way to tell?  Check out the bottom or sometimes the back of a piece . . .

From the bottom of the piece, you can see that there are pieces of veneer glued to a piece of plywood.  And the veneer is pretty thin to boot.  Bummer, huh?

But, I still had high hopes for my ability to refinish it, and I’ll do a post about my refinishing adventure later this week to let you know how it worked out (it’s currently still a work in progress, but overall I think it’ll be good 😉 ).  For now, here are some shots of my inspiration for this project:

YHL’s nursery dresser . . .

. . . and this beauty from Design*Sponge (which is also available on Etsy for $950) by Matt . . .

Any ideas now where the white belt from yesterday might end up . . . ?

So there it is–think I can do it?  You better!  Or else you might get hit with my new brass knuckles (aka the dresser’s old handles) . . .

Images of dressers from here and here.

One comment

  1. Foiled by veneer! : ) It’ll still look great all painted up! I’ve found it’s easiest to use one of those high density foam rollers in lieu of a paint brush, especially across the countertop-you won’t see any brush stokes that way. And “cabinet rescue” paint is great too, I think it might be oil based? Either way-it gives a nice enameled sheen. Happy painting! : )

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