Negotiations are Done!

I’ve been very remiss in updating everyone on our soon-to-be-home–sorry!  We’ve just been busy traveling, bargain-hunting, and catching up with our TIVO (we not only had 3 Housewives seasons, but also the Bachelorette, Real World, and America’s Got Talent . . . we’re only human after all).

Okay, but real quick–we had the inspection once we returned from Vegas, and for the most part it went fine.  Our inspector, Doug Manzella, did a decent job and we left the inspection with a substantial reference binder about our home, which I’m sure will prove to be very useful down the road.  However, I fully believe that you have to be your own best advocate when it comes to home inspections, and this time was no different.  So we brought Steve with us–remember him from this post?  He’s our go-to contractor and also just an all-around good guy.  Together, we noted a few areas of concern with the house, although overall Steve gave it two enthusiastic thumbs-up.

The biggest trouble-maker?  This beast:

The back patio.  One giant concrete slab.

You might think the problem is that big wet spot, or maybe the encroaching jungle surrounding it, but no–that would be an amateur’s mistake.  The real problem is this:

Still don’t see it?  Well, that’s okay–that’s why none of you were paid to be our inspector.  (Sis–are you dying to fly out from Cali with your new power-washer to tackle that brick?  C’mon–be honest, I know these pictures must be irking you a little 😉 )  It’s a little tough to explain, but it has to do with drainage.  See, the patio is a few feet higher than our garage (our house is technically a tri-level), so that back wall of the patio (the other side of which is the garage) hasn’t been draining the best it could be over the past ~50 years.  And that’s lead to this in our garage:

Yummy, isn’t it?  That’s one of the inspector’s photos.  So bottom line is this–we went back to the sellers and asked for a credit towards our closing costs and prepaids.  The credit will cover a lot of what needs to be repaired, and Steve is all lined up to do the work as soon as we close.  And the church (the sellers) agreed to our request, so all is well.  Papers have been signed, and now we’re in the midst of securing financing and letting the lawyers do their thang (not sure what that is, but it’s necessary, so we’re letting them at it).

So when will we own it?  Closing is set for August 5th, and hopefully all will go well before then so we can close on that day.

Okay, consider yourself updated.

Oh, and Happy Fourth everyone!!!

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  1. Hahaha love the power washer interjection… You know I would be SO on it! All of my OCD tendencies would be satisfied! xo, Sis

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