Yard Sale Memories

A few weeks ago, the Mr. and I helped his mother with a yard sale of epic proportions.

The picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but trust me–there was a lot of stuff.  And that pic above was taken near the end of the second day.  Yep, I said second day–the sale went on for three days!  Apparently that’s the norm here in Brockport–yard sales start on Thursdays and end Saturdays; who knew, right?  In the end it turned out to be totally worth it for my MIL (I’m not sure what the final total was, but it was definitely over $600), so we were glad to help out.

Plus, the best part was that it was like a mini trip down memory lane.  How’s that possible when none of the stuff belonged to the Mr. or to me?  Well, mostly because of this:

Mom and Devri–do you remember that?!  See, when I was growing up, we had that exact same TV mounted underneath the corner cabinet in our kitchen.  It was black and white, and you had to twist the knobs on the right to change the channel . . . totally wild, right?!  Oh, the olden days . . .

Of course, we weren’t the only house on the block hosting a yard sale.  It just so happened that the neighbors next door were having one as well.  Now, even though their’s was quite a bit more focused on antiques, we still had to go over and scope out the competition.  But instead of it being a strict reconnaissance mission, it may have turned into a plain old shopping outing.  Yep–seeing greener grass is always dangerous–it led to me begging asking the Mr. to go back over and buy me something . . . what, you ask?  Well, I have a slight addiction to mirrors.  Yep, mirrors.  I’m not sure if that says something about me (narcissistic personality disorder maybe?), but there it is–I just like ’em.  So when I saw this one, and the price tag (only $25), I knew I had to have it.

And seeing how the Mr. lives and breathes to make me happy (right Bunches?!), he went and got it for me.  But, being the shrewd businessman that he is, he talked the guy down to only $20!  Not bad, eh?  Can’t you just see it with the frame painted in a high gloss white?  or maybe black?  or maybe even a bright poppy yellow?

Anyone else doing yard sales this summer?  I have a feeling this won’t be our last foraging adventure–now that we have to furnish a whole house, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of the Mr. showing off his newly bargained-for wares . . . stay tuned!

Oh, and seriously–what’s your vote on what color I should paint the mirror frame?



  1. That rocks! Before I even read your comments I yelled “That’s OUR TV!”. Man, how did we ever see anything on that TINY screen! I specifically remember watching JEM before going to school. Cool mirror too…I say white 🙂

  2. A bright TEAL or YELLOW! Of course, you can’t go wrong with classic white… Dang your eye is so good!

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