We’re on a Boat!

You’re probably thinking how can there be any more to their trip?!  I know–looking back now, it’s a bit shocking to see just how much we did in only one week (if you missed it, check out here, here, here, here, and here for all the details).  Thanks again to our adventour guide extraordinaire, Mike, for planning out such a wonderful getaway!  (Quick Update: check out this video to see us in action on our tour!)

Like I said yesterday, our last stop on the trip was to Lake Powell, part of Glen Canyon, a National Recreation Area (different, apparently, from a National Park).  Lake Powell is ~183 miles long and has hundreds of miles of coastline (thanks to all the canyons it weaves in and out of).  There was no way for us to see the whole thing, but Blue Monkey planned a boat tour for us that allowed us to experience life on the lake.

We launched from Antelope Point Marina, the newest marina on the lake (and apparently home to the largest floating restaurant in the world):

Since the level of the lake rises and falls dramatically over the course of time, the whole marina is situated on a vast pulley system that allows it to be moved up and down . . . I’d explain it to you, but to be perfectly honest, I didn’t really understand it.  Neither did Mr. Bunches.  Neither did Mike.  Sorry.  But we had a great time . . .

Lake Powell is apparently known as a “party lake” in the summer, so the boys did their best to bring some of that atmosphere to our little boat trip . . . Coors Light at 9:30 AM?  Sure, why not?  That’s how Vacation Bunches roles . . .

We started our boat trip from the marina and wound our way into West Canyon:

See what I mean about how frickin’ big it is?!  Our boat tour was ~3 hours and even though we were cruising pretty fast, we barely saw everything the lake had to offer.  The family on our trip had a separate boat and had opted for a longer tour, so we only spent the first bit with them (they’re in the other boat in these pics).  Even though we didn’t see everything, what we did see was breathtaking, particularly West Canyon . . .

It felt like an Indiana Jones film–the canyon became super narrow and quiet with lots of twists and turns.  It was almost eery at times . . . Mike–watch out for that hand!!

Phew–it was just Carrie!

Even though the water was a bit chilly, the Mr. wanted to go for a swim, which of course meant that Mike, Carrie, and I all got talked into joining him . . . when in Rome, right?

Once we were headed back to the marina, the Mr. and I decided to let everyone in on a little secret . . . see–as you faithful blog readers know, we just bought a home, which we’ve dubbed the Holy House because of its current owners, the Episcopal Diocese (the last occupant was in fact the Bishop).  As such, we’ve been given certain powers; I’m not going to divulge all of them here, but one of them is the ability to walk on water.  Yes–that’s right.  We can walk on water.  And we can also bestow that power to those that we deem cool enough to handle it.  And Carrie was most definitely cool enough.  She used her newly bestowed power to attempt some yoga on the water . . .

Eventually succeeding–check out these amazing shots:

Well, we didn’t want to just let Carrie have all the fun, so we decided to join her . . .

Once our boat tour wrapped up, that by no means meant that the adventour of Lake Powell was over.  Nope–now it was time for kayaking!  We left from the marina with hopes of making it into Antelope Canyon (which we’d heard was just as stunning as West Canyon), but we soon found out that things are a lot more slow-going when you don’t have a power motor.  Nevertheless, we still enjoyed the exercise and time to explore the canyon walls a bit more closely . . .

Needless to say, after boating and kayaking, we were beat!  We headed back to the Lake Powell Resort for some R&R before another big day ahead . . . what did Adventure Mike have planned for us the next day?!  HUMMER TOURS!!

These were A-MA-ZING!  Totally an unexpected highlight of the trip–who knew that H2s could actually off-road instead of just take yuppies shopping?  The terrain was unreal–up 42 degree inclines, over huge rocks, through deep sand . . . we did everything!  And it was all on the Navajo Indian Reservation (the company has a private contract to use their land), which meant that there was no other way (except maybe being a Navajo Indian) to get to see Secret Canyon, a private slot canyon that we got to hike through.

Here’s the entrance to Secret Canyon . . .

It went from being 100+ degrees outside the canyon to probably ~70 degrees inside it . . .

How insane is this place, right?!

It was so quiet . . .

Don’t you feel calm now?

There was very little life in and around the canyon, but we did happen to catch a few shots of what life there was . . .

And everything was going great until the Mr. got stuck . . . 🙂

Silly Bunches!

On the other side of the canyon, it all opened up again . . .

And Blue Monkey Mike declared himself King Blue Monkey!  Bonus points if you can find Mike in the second picture . . .

The heat was tough, so we decided to head back in, but not before Carrie and I left our mark . . .

. . . and found one more critter . . .

But then it was time to head back into the cool canyon . . . I seriously could not take enough pictures in here (and luckily, our Adventure Hummer guides knew just the best spots and even the right camera settings–cloudy white balance if you’re curious) . . .

Cool sand effect, eh?

Once we finished hiking, it was time to head back in the Hummers–yippee!

To celebrate our last night on the trip, Blue Monkey had arranged for us to have a dinner cruise on Lake Powell.

We were pretty excited for our last meal . . .

Dinner was pretty good, but not great.  I had the trout.

The best part was the sunset views during the cruise . . .

And the photo ops it created for all the couples in our group . . .

Why no pics of me?  This is why:

And of course it quickly turned into this . . .

Not too shabby, huh?  Thanks again to Blue Monkey Mike for doing a first-class job and showing us everything (and then some)!

Blue Monkey Fist Pump

You thought it was over, right?  Wrong!  On our drive back to Vegas the next day, we stopped for lunch . . . can you guess where?!

And this time it was open!!!  (If you remember, last time we were out of luck.)  Oh sweet day!!  We finally got our cheeseburgers Animal Style . . .

Can you tell how psyched Blue Monkey Mike was?!

Mmm, mmm good

And of course we had to have a milkshake in honor of Deenie . . . coats the stomach, right?

“Actually we’ve got a nice little Saturday planned.  We’re going to Home Depot to pick out some wallpaper, then maybe we’ll hit Bed Bath and Beyond . . . I don’t know.  I don’t know if we’ll have enough time . . . ” 

Up next?  Vegas Baby!


One Response to We’re on a Boat!

  1. brahmayoga32 says:

    Thanks for the yoga shots and for bestowing your ability to walk on water with me, Mrs. Bunches!

    Great commentary on those amazing little mini adventures we did each day! Wandering through that secret canyon on the Hummer tour felt like we were inside a giant piece of pottery, didn’t it?

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