Let the Designing Begin!!

Now that we have an accepted offer on a house, I can finally start planning the interior . . . furniture, wall colors, trim, lighting, kitchen concepts . . . holy-moly there’s a lot to think about!  But since I’m a self-defined shelter blog addict, there’s lot of eye candy out there to guide me along the way (seriously, you may think addict is a strong word and that no one could be addicted to blogs, but I assure you–I have a problem;  I guess I just took my first step though: admission.  Now what are the 11 other steps?!  The fact is, I kind of consider some of the bloggers my friends . . . I know, I know–what’s wrong with me?!  Luckily, the Mr. has grown at least a little accustomed to my constant references to the “bloggers” which usually means my close friends YHL’s Sherry and John Petersik, although there are many others (just a few of whom are listed in my blogroll on the right); however, I’m still not entirely sure Mr. Bunches knows how completely addicted I am, so shhhh!).

Okay, back to the topic on hand: since the Mr. and I have taken a step back in time by moving to the Buffalo area (as clearly evidenced here), there are lots of great vintage finds still available in the area for affordable prices . . . take this beauty for example:

It’s only $150 on Craigslist!

Now, I know it doesn’t look all hot and bothered in that picture, but aren’t the lines of it great?!  Don’t you think it would look fabulous reupholstered in a soft gray flannel or linen?  Maybe with a little bit of tufting thrown in for added panache?  My recent obsession with Secrets from a Stylist (Emily Henderson’s show on HGTV) has me itching to get something reupholstered.  Check out the magic she performed this season with some craigslist and flea market finds:

She turned this $150 Craigslist sleeper sofa from this . . .

to this . . .

And this $100 flea market bench from this . . .

to this . . .

But this one is definitely one of my favorites (possibly because I’m more of a gray girl than blue); from ick . . .

to fabulous . . .

Check out Emily’s blog for more reupholstering inspiration (or to check out the pics from above–here and here).

So now I just have to convince the Mr. to let me get that craigslist sofa (any help would be much appreciated)!  Oh, and anyone know of a good reupholsterer (is that the right word?) in the Buffalo area?!


  1. Going off of my experience reupholstering a sharpie stained chair, that piece might be a fortune to recover. Talk them down a ton if you get it. And it might need a big room, but I like how it sort of looks like it’s in that plastic-y vinyl right now. good luck to ya. This blog is totally a YHL clone. love it.

    • Yeah, I’m trying to keep the Mr. in the dark about how much reupholstering is . . . my plan is to find someplace in Buffalo that will do it for a steal, but who knows. Plus I’d have to buy a decent amount of fabric. The good news? He said we could get it! So maybe this weekend we’ll go take a look . . . I’m thinking it could go in the playroom/den that currently will have no furniture since all we have is a couch that will be in the living room.

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