Westward and Onward

To celebrate the acceptance of the offer on our soon-to-be home, we’ve headed west!  Okay, so maybe we had this trip planned for months, and it was just really coincidental that it started the day our offer was accepted, but either way . . . we’re in the midst of adventouring (yep, that’s another homemade word by yours truly; deal with it).  So far, the trip has been AMAZING, thanks to our fantastic tour guide, Blue Monkey Expeditions.

Blue Monkey Adventours

Blue Monkey picked us up from the Paris in Las Vegas after we (of course) sampled yet another buffet at Le Village BuffetQuick side note: don’t do the Paris breakfast buffet; at $15.99 per person, it’s most definitely not worth it.  You’re much better going across the Strip to the new Cosmopolitan hotel for a couple bucks more (I think $17.99) at the Wicked Spoon and eating food that you can’t prepare yourself at home.  Last time we were in Sin City, that’s what we did and it was totally worthwhile; unlike this sad shot:

Skip it

But enough about Vegas; Sin City was just the starting point for our adventure, which began when Mike and Carrie picked us up in the travel van . . .

Blue Monkey Rider
We met our other adventourers (10 in total, including us) and quickly became friendly in the way that only happens when traveling in a van over a long distance with strangers.  We headed to Zion National Park, where our first stop was at the Kolob Canyons.

Yep, it was basically Gorgeous with a capital G.  We did a short hike up Timber Creek Trail and had a picnic lunch along the way.

The Mr. himself was pretty excited . . .

And look how sweet our guides looked at the first stop . . .

We even managed to catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife, which only wet our appetites for sightings of more critters later in the trip . . .

This was such a great way to get a taste of hiking Zion before we embarked on a full-day adventure in the heart of the park the next day.  Of course, to get to our resort, we had to drive all the way through Zion, and that was difficult–at every turn we just wanted to jump out of the van and soak in our surroundings, but we had to press on . . .

The drive itself meandered through the park, and included a pitch-black mile-long tunnel!  Boy were we glad that Mike handled the twists and turns so well!  Every way we looked was awe-inspiring . . . check out the moon’s cameo in this shot:

We eventually arrived at Zion Ponderosa Resort, where we would be staying for three nights.  It was tucked away in the canyons surrounding Zion and was truly a remarkable place . . . great food, mini golf, campfires, ziplines, ATVs, barn dances, cabins–you name it, and they had it.  The place is owned by the founder of JetBlue, but you’d never know it from being there.

The staff was outstanding, and our cabin couldn’t have been more cozy . . .

Doesn’t the Mr. just look so outdoorsy?!  Blue Monkey totally outdid themselves and picked a great place to call home for a few days.

Okay, so more tomorrow on Zion, Bryce Canyon, and even Lake Powell (we’re in Lake Powell now) . . . but for now, I’ve got to go get my adventouring on (I think if I use the word enough, then it’ll catch on–what do ya’ think?). 🙂


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