Fables Cafe

Working in a new city comes with lots of challenges: new coworkers, new procedures, new bosses, etc.  But for me, one of the most challenging things is finding good places to eat.  I know, I know–I’m probably too food-centric for my own good, but dang it, food’s important to me (just ask the Mr. or even Deenie as both have experienced how truly ugly things can get when I’m not fed regularly).  I think my mom and sis can attest as well . . . probably the reason that I was commonly referred to as a grouch.  Sorry everyone!

But, in our hunt for good food, luckily Mr. Bunches is completely on board.  And doubly lucky, he was in Buffalo the other day for work, so we had a little lunch date (seriously though–could we be any cuter?) at Fables Cafe.  The cool thing about it is that it’s located INSIDE the Buffalo Public Library, which basically meant that we got to kill two birds with one stone–find good food, and learn a little about our local public library.  Bonus.  The place was pretty crowded, and considering we didn’t get there until 1:30, that’s saying something.  Sidenote: Here’s an important lesson for everyone from people who used to operate a food establishment (meaning us): ONLY EAT AT CROWDED RESTAURANTS.  It means that the food turns over, which means the food is fresh.  Okay, consider yourself educated

The Mr. had the special sandwich of the day (a chicken panini); all the sandwiches came with either the house salad or homemade chips AND a cookie.  Mmmm . . . cookies.

Chicken Panini

I had a salad with a crabcake (why I got a crabcake in Buffalo, I don’t know, but it actually was pretty good.  It was no Baltimore crabcake, but it was definitely better than any crabcake I ever had in Boston, which of course isn’t saying much since I never ordered crabcakes in Boston due to what seemed to be a strange New England definition of a crabcake being basically a breadcrumb puck).

Crabcake Salad

So overall, we gave it two thumbs up.  Would we dine again?  Surely.  Would I try something else?  Probably–the crabcake salad was great, but definitely not one of those meals that you can’t wait to order again.  Was the cookie a nice touch?  ABSOLUTELY.

Oh, and what did we learn during our visit to the library?  Well, did you know that MARK TWAIN spent much of his life in Buffalo?! Seriously–did anyone know that?!  We definitely didn’t.  The library actually has a whole dedicated room to Mr. Samuel Clemens–pretty cool, huh?  Of course, apparently we were the only two who thought so; no one else seemed to even glance at it.  But whatever–we were pumped.

Oscar image from here.

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