Curtain #2

So we’ve shown you what’s behind Door #1 (the Carport Castle from here), and we’ve shared our dismay from Strike One here, so now here’s something that we’ve had hidden behind Curtain #2 for quite a while now (I know I’m sort of mixing up Let’s Make a Deal with the Price is Right, but you get the idea):

Let’s jump right in with the stats:

  • Location: Snyder (the neighborhood I’ve fallen in love with and which is also home to both of the other homes we made offers on from here and here)
  • Square Footage: 1,764
  • 4 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms
  • Lot size: 0.18 acres
  • Built in 1927
  • Two-car Attached Garage
  • Asking Price: $184,900 (down from $194,900)
  • Days on Market: 38

The home is on a corner lot, so there is no backyard.  None–there is maybe 3 feet of space behind the house before the fence that separates the property from the neighbors.

No Backyard

However, there are two nice-sized side yards with some beautiful landscaping:


Side Yard 2

Sorry for the big driveway shot.  My bad.

Inside, the house has wood floors throughout, lots of nooks and crannies (I kind of love those, but then I also kind of love wide open spaces as seen in the California Ranch on Monday;  I know, I know–could I be more annoying and non-decisive?  It’s sort of a wonder that the Mr. hasn’t given up on me yet 😉 ).

Living Room to Dining Room
Living Room open to the Dining Room
Entry way
The main entrance is that opening with light coming through on the left. The piano doesn't stay.
I'm kind of in love with the idea of a banquette in a kitchen; it reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen from years ago. Of course, that back wall is the one that would get knocked down to open the room to the dining room, so needless to say this banquette wouldn't be staying.
The previous owners (they're in a nursing home now 😦 ) used this as a home office. The husband actually still has a sign on the side door for his law practice. This would be perfect for Mr. Bunches' business.
The bathroom would need to be completely gutted, especially since there's only one full bathroom in the entire house (major bummer, I know).
Bathroom 2
Lots of cabinet space in this bathroom. The tub/shower is just to the right out of the shot.
Bedroom 1
Is it awful that I actually think this wallpaper is sort of rad? Wallpaper's coming back, right? I know--a lot of you just cringed. Sorry.
Bedroom 2
Here's the yellow bedroom. This wallpaper I could let go of.
Master Bedroom
The master bedroom. The Mr. thinks it feels cramped because of all the ceiling cut-outs. I didn't totally agree, but after looking at these pictures, I kind of see where's he coming from.
Master BR
Other side of the master bedroom.
Interrogation Room
Some of you might remember this picture from an earlier post, but here's the basement interrogation room. This is where we'd likely put our kids to play. (Just kidding! Really--totally kidding.)

So in a nutshell, that’s the house.  It was definitely on our short list for quite some time, but recently we’ve decided against it.  We took our contractor friend Steve there and he basically vetoed it.  The reasons?  Well, there were many: siding issues, bad roof, bad electrical, water damage in basement, poor workmanship, faulty hardwood floors, I could go on.

Here's a shot of the water damage (and potential mold?) in the basement. Apparently, the water at some point was as high as that line. And this basement has no sump pump or drain tiles--a bad combination when you live in upstate NY. Quick sidenote: love the random pencil sharpener in the basement! We've seen these in a lot of homes, and I can even remember having one just like it in our scary basement growing up. Anyone have any idea how that trend got started?

So even though the neighborhood was perfect and the place oozed curb appeal, we’re just not sold.  Sigh. Lucky for us, though, apparently this weekend is National Open House Day (June 4 and 5, 2011), so we’re hoping to see something we love.  For now, we’re NOT going to take what’s behind Curtain #2.  Sorry Bob.


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