Wear Once. Toss.

Here’s my new mantra for clothing: Wear it once, then toss it.  No, seriously.  Well, sort of seriously . . . let me explain.  No, the Mr. and I have not suddenly won the lottery and decided to never do laundry again.  And no, I haven’t suddenly become uber fashion-conscious (those of you who have seen me recently can most certainly attest to that).  No, the truth is that I’ve decided to really evaluate my closet and everything in it.

My plan (enacted almost a month ago) is to wear everything in my closet at least once before I can circulate back to things I’ve worn.  So once I wear something, I then toss it to the top shelf of my closet, where it will wait until I have nothing more to wear.  Why am I doing this?  Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. Moving stinks.  And moving more stuff is harder than moving less stuff.  Duh.
  2. In order to move less stuff, that means you have to get rid of stuff.  Double Duh.  So, if I put something on and I don’t like it OR it doesn’t fit right OR I just feel blah in it, then, when I take it off, it gets tossed into the donate slash consign pile.  NEVER to be moved worn by me again.
  3. I don’t want to end up like this.  Or this.  No thank you. 

So how am I doing with my grand plan?  I’m definitely making progress, although it’s getting more and more challenging by the day.  I’ve worn all my go-to’s.  So now I’m wearing skirts!  And dresses!  I know–I can hardly believe it myself.  And my pile to get rid of is growing . . .

Yes–that’s a tag on that dress.  I’ve never worn it.  Ever.  I think I have a bit of a weakness for all things on sale at Boden; maybe it’s the way they style their shots that makes me think I’ll be jaunting around the cliffs of Ireland in a casual dress and rain boots, so of course I need to buy, buy, buy.  Only problem: I’ve never been to Ireland.  And I’ve never jaunted around in a dress and rainboots (well, unless you count the other night–I told you things were getting desperate with my remaining clothing options).

Now that I’m in the dregs of my closet, that pile will likely end up growing more rapidly than when I started . . . I’ll definitely post a picture before I make the trip to Goodwill so you can see how well I did.

So who else wants to Wear Once and Toss?  I know from seeing some of your closets (ahem-Mom-ahem) that it might do you good.  Plus, it’s kind of fun to rediscover some of those hidden items . . . you know you have them.  Oh yeah, and if any of you are moving anytime soon, your back will thank you!

Hoarding image from here.



  1. But… but… but… WHAT will I do when my black clothes run out?! I’ll have to wear… GASP… COLOR!! Just reading this post made me nervous inside hahaha

  2. I LIKE this idea. Going to implement it today. With everything I own. Not just clothes. If a pen doesn’t work…trash it. Don’t like a DVD in the box it goes. Shoes not comfortable or look stupid? Away they go! Love your post.

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