Strike One

Quick update: our offer got rejected.  😦  Both of the other offers were apparently higher, and closer to the asking price, so this is officially STRIKE ONE.  But, we do feel encouraged that even basic updates in a home in Snyder (the neighborhood we’re leaning towards) means that a house can sell quickly, and for a decent amount.  The original owners bought the home 11 years ago for $160,000 and now were selling it for at least $214,900 without doing much work (the addition had been put on by previous owners).  Soooo, that means maybe if we want to spend money to fix up this beauty, then it might be worth it?  Hmmm . . . jury’s still out on that one.

Carport Castle



  1. 😦 I was liking the looks of the second one you put an offer on. No worries…your perfect house is out there!

  2. This one is cute on the outside…but sounds like inside needs work? I thought the one you offered on looked a little lopsided with the addition. I agree with Devri that you’ll find a great house soon!

    Shabbizzle made it far with a townhouse that we both liked–offer accepted, inspection completed–but didn’t close the deal. Housing market in chicago is still declining about 1% in home value per month, so we’re both thinking something smaller that can be used later as a rental property is wiser at this point.

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