Spring has Sprung!

Yet another housing update.  From yesterday, you know that we finally heard back on our offer.  And, like we thought yesterday, we did end up making a counter-offer of $178k for the Carport Castle (I’m thinking that might be its new name . . . sounds classy, right?  or wrong?).  So thus far this isn’t much of an update, but more of a regurgitation.  So here’s the actual update: we’ve heard nothing.  Consider yourself updated.  But, we do have an appointment to see it again this Saturday, and this time we’re bringing flashlights and a critical eye (not sure if it will be mine or the Mr.’s yet).  Maybe we’ll even get more pics to share . . . but, until then, here’s a little post to disprove my family’s theory that Buffalo is covered in snow year-round.

Yes–this is a thermometer.  Yes–it works.  Yes–it’s in Fahrenheit.  Yes–the reading is 102 degrees.  And YES–it made that reading while being outside in Brockport, NY just this past week!  Take that naysayers!!

Brockport Reaches 100 Degrees!

And, because this was not a one-time-flash-heat-freak-of-nature-type occurence, that means that this has finally happened:

Rochester Blooming

. . . and this . . .

Brockport Blooming

. . . and this . . .

Morning Dew

Basically, the Mr. was right–spring has EXPLODED in Upstate New York and it’s absolutely gorgeous.  We got our fill this past weekend at Rochester’s annual Lilac Festival (which is currently ongoing for anyone who’s interested–it runs from May 13 through the 22nd this year, and best of all: it’s FREE).  You can see and smell not only all different types of lilacs, but tons of other blooming beauties as well . . .


More Lilacs

The smell was intoxicating . . .

Stop and smell the lilacs

The flowers on this magnolia tree were bigger than my head (and that’s saying a lot)!

Huge flower

Isn’t nature incredible?

Magnolia bloom

There was also a huge array of tulips to marvel at, and marvel we did.

All in all, the lilac festival was a great time, and despite the threat of thunderstorms, there was a pretty sizeable crowd present:

Lilac Festival Crowd

So take that family–see all those tanktops, shorts, and open-toed shoes! 🙂

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