Let’s Make a Steal

So we’re in the game!  We officially made our first offer on a house yesterday; er, well sort of.  Our real estate agent made a verbal offer yesterday morning, and we’re still waiting to hear back (I know, I know–can you stand the suspense?!).  We offered much lower than their asking price, so we have no idea how they’re going to respond.  They might flat out reject us, but we’ll see.  So enough of the boring stuff, do you want to see what’s behind Door #1?!

Well first, some background slash filler:

  • Location: Snyder (a neighborhood of Amherst, NY)
  • Square Footage: 2,087
  • 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms
  • Lot size: 0.22 acres
  • Built in 1950
  • Two-car Detached Garage
  • Asking Price: $209,900
  • Our Initial Offer: $173,500

Why such a low offer?  Well, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking blogging on that one:

Offer 1-Outside

Upon entering, the living room is immediately to the right (the front entrance is just outside the left side of this picture):

Living Room to Dining Room

I love, love, love the dining room door that leads to the sunroom–it’s one of those half doors where you can open either just the top or bottom!

Dining Room

The sunroom just outside the dining room . . .


The kitchen!!  Why hello blue formica, knotty pine, and faux brick linoleum . . .


Our plan would be to tear down this wall so the kitchen is entirely open to the dining room . . .

Kitchen-Second View

Can you tell that the Mr. is loving this kitchen?!  He said the fruit tchotchkes stay or no deal!

Mr. Bunches in the Kitchen

The office, which is 4 steps down from the other living spaces.  Mmmm . . . more knotty pine goodness in here:


The door to the carport from the office:

Office to Carport

The first of three bedrooms . . . I love the bench seat all along the back wall:

Bedroom 1

And I especially love the creepy doll!

Creepy Doll

The one disturbing thing about this house was that it was clearly owned by someone over 85, and yet there were a lot of scary kid things.  Okay, maybe there was more than just one disturbing thing about this house . . . like the broken crib and creepy piano in the master bedroom:

Master Bedroom

But the master was huge, and even had a walk-in closet and its own bathroom! 

Master Bedroom with Closet

Gotta love the asbestos tile in the master bath, huh?

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

The second bedroom (any idea what’s hiding under the covers?):

Second Bedroom

The full bathroom in all it’s blue and pink glory (of course, then I guess we’re covered if we have either boy or girl mini bunches someday . . . )

Full Bathroom

This bathroom has a separate tub and standing shower:

Full Bathroom Tub

Full Bath Shower

Did any of you notice the best feature of that bath?!  That’s right: a carpeted floor!  Ugh–I think I just gagged.

And last but not least, the scary dungeon basement:


That’s our agent, by the way.  There weren’t any lights in the basement, so he was using his iPhone flashlight app (or something crazy like that–c’mon, you know how crazy those Apple people are) to try to illuminate the space.  Note, again, the asbestos tile, but also the concrete around the edges is new drain tile that they put in . . . which probably means there was a drainage problem down there, but maybe it’s been fixed?  Who knows–all we know is if we get to the point of an accepted offer, we might have ten separate inspections done before we go forward.

Now, some of you might still be wondering why we offered almost $37,000 below the asking price . . . you might love the dated wallpaper, water stains, matted shag carpet, knotty pine kitchen, frosted ceiling, 1950s oven, blue and pink tiled bathroom, asbestos tile, rotted windows . . . wait a sec–why do we want to buy this house again?!  😉  Nah–we’re excited because it has good bones, a great floor plan (once we make some modifications), and a really rad carport!  Plus, as a bonus, it’s located in the school district with the best elementary school in all of Western New York: Smallwood Elementary (which should make many of you happy since that seems to be how you all voted in our poll).

And the neighborhood has sidewalks!

Snyder Neighbors

Okay, so maybe you can’t see them in that picture, but trust me: they’re there.  And it even comes with a furry friend:

Snyder the Rabbit

So everyone keep your fingers (and even toes) crossed for us . . . and hope Door #1 doesn’t end up with a ZONK!

So let us know what you think–either leave a comment on this post or take our poll:


Let’s Make a Deal images from here and here.


  1. yay! I hope you get it eventually. I can see this very quickly becoming a DIY reno blog! Ask for those sweet green chairs too. I’m so glad you can see the potential in it despite all that wood and bad color combos. Shall I call HGTV for you?

  2. Man, how do people still live in something that looks like that. Do they not turn on a tv or look at a magazine and realize updates are a good thing. It’s shocking stuff that old still works. A blue toilet – snazzy!! LOTS of fun renovation projects!! Will keep my fingers crossed for you. I’ll fly up and help destroy a room!

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