What were they thinking?!

In our house hunt, we’ve now looked at 50+ homes.  Yeah–Five-O.  No, I’m not being dramatic.  I literally just counted all of our listing sheets, which, considering that we’ve thrown away a lot of them, means that I’m seriously under-estimating how many properties we’ve seen.  And while some have been great decent, others have been down-right crazy.  So here’s a compilation of some of the weirder things we’ve seen:

Some type of pen for an animal?  This was in the corner of a scary, dark basement . . . any ideas what (or maybe who) was kept in there?!

Basement Animal Pen?

A monstrously over-sized shower head . . . did Kramer live here?!

Largest Shower Head Ever

Every single house we have been in has had wood paneling in at least one of the rooms.  Every.  Single.  One.


Here’s a basement interrogation room (again, this makes not only my wood paneling point, but it also circles back to the weird items in basements).  Isn’t this straight out of a scene in a 70s cop movie or something?  Is that a blood stain in the bottom left?!

Basement Interrogation Room

In case you didn’t catch these in the picture above . . . gotta’ love the Bambi figurines!


Anyone in the mood for a peach?  How about an orange? 

Orange Bedroom

How about a quick game of shuffleboard?  In my basement.  On asbestos tile.  Near the scary coal fireplace. 

Asbestos Tile Shuffleboard

And finally, my absolute favorite . . . the closet bathroom!  Yep–that’s a closet.  With a toilet.  A blue toilet.  In a closet.  A closet with bi-fold doors.  And a toilet.  And to make it even awesomer, there’s carpet in there.  Because who doesn’t love carpet in a bathroom?  Sold!

Closet Toilet


  1. Oh my hell. That is NUTS. Though I must admit I was admiring the mid-centuary modern interrogation chairs. Jeremiah has often said that he would like to get his real estate license just so he could weird out on how people live…

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