Nope, that’s not a typo in my title–we were, in fact, proCRAFTinating.  See, like most brides (myself included), my sister thought it would be great to have all these handmade touches at the wedding (plus, it saved some money).  But like probably all brides, at some point, time just gets away from you.  That’s how I ended up with stamps and ribbon the day before the wedding.  But I was happy–since moving, I haven’t been able to get my craft on (seeing as how everything’s in the warehouse), so this was nice for me.
First up, the escort cards.  My sister’s colors were loosely green and yellow.  She had always envisioned a green and white wedding, but if you have green and white invitations, then really it’s just green.  So yellow became the accent color, which fit nicely since the reception was at the Canary Hotel, which had lots of yellow (not a big surprise there, eh?).  Her invitations were so pretty (and quite witty to boot):
Elum Seaspray Letterpress Wedding Invitation
They were Elum Design’s Seaspray letterpress invitations (who doesn’t love letterpress, right?) in Lemonade and Field Green.  Since the invitations supposedly set the stage for the entire wedding (my sister used to do wedding planning and work at a high-end stationary store, so she’s all up on wedding etiquette and all that jazz), the escort cards needed to be yellow and green.  So she started by printing out the guests’ names in green on Paper Source’s white placecards, and then cutting them in half:
Wedding Escort Card
Then, using Paper Source’s number stamps, and stamp color wheel, we stamped each guest’s table number in yellow:
Color Box Stamp Pad and Number Stamps
 Stamped Escort Cards
Pretty easy, huh?  She bought mini clothespins and jute twine to hang them at the reception (the wedding planner took care of the actual hanging part).  Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the wedding that I didn’t take any pictures at the reception, so I don’t have any to share–sorry!  But trust me, it was super cute!
Once the escort cards were all done, then it was time to assemble the Just Married banner . . . see, my sister’s future M-I-L had arranged for pedicabs to take guests from the ceremony to the reception.  And of course, one of the pedicabs was reserved especially for the bride and groom, which meant it needed something to highlight it.  Much of this work was done ahead of time by my sister and her M-I-L, so I just had to assemble.  They put together Paper Source’s Daisy Flower kit:
Paper Source Daisies
And also had made all the letters to spell Just Married.  Which meant my only job was to figure out how to string them together with grosgrain ribbon (basically, it was simple–just a whole punch, about 15  minutes of careful threading through holes so as not to break petals, and it was done):
Just Married Banner

All that was left was delivering it to the pedicab driver-in-charge for attachment.  Didn’t it come out great?

Just Married Pedicab

Up next, Rehearsal Time!  I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow . . .


  1. […] My big sister’s wedding went off swimmingly . . . the sun shone brightly, there were no surprises, and all was well.  Since they were super smart and got lots of pictures done ahead of time, they got to practically head right over to the Canary Hotel for the reception.  And of course, that’s where all the fun stuff was–eating, drinking, and dancing (not necessarily in that order)!  So my sister and her husband (ack–it sounds so crazy to write that for the first time!) made their way over to the reception courtesy of their pedi-cab driver (read more about how the pedi-cab was decorated here): […]

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