Awkward Question Time

After our brief stop in Ventura, the Mr. and I finally arrived in Santa Barbara and I’m pretty sure we brought the sun with us.  Okay, or maybe it was a typical Southern California day where it starts out all overcast and then by 10 AM or so, the sun is shining like no other.  Maybe.  Or maybe we just bring sunshine wherever we go . . . you decide.

Santa Barbara
The day before the wedding, my sis and fiance went down to the Santa Barbara County Courthouse to take care of all the paperwork (getting the marriage license and whatnot), so we got a chance to poke around:

We even went up in the clock tower for views of the entire city all the way out to the ocean (it’s completely FREE, but it closes daily at 4:45 PM–just an FYI for any of you interested in checking it out on your next trip).  The wedding was held on that raised patch of grass that you can see in the next picture–I made them pose next to it for posterity (I’m pretty sure at this point they were regretting their decision to ask me to tag along and take photos, but really, I was under strict orders from the family to capture every moment, so their opinions no longer mattered 😉 ):

Rehearsal Day View

The weather was sublime–warm, but not too warm, and so much sun!  The Mr. and I were soaking it all in–since moving upstate, our vitamin D levels haven’t been holding up so well . . . (on a related note, my spray tan ended up being fantastic–no Oompah-Loompah look for me!  I decided to not shower it off before getting on the plane in order to maximize the darkening, and since it didn’t smell that bad, I don’t think I bothered the other passengers too much.  I left the plane a different color than when I boarded, but it helped me seamlessly fit in with all those Californians; plus, I decided to wear a yellow dress, which I’m sure would have looked hideous if I had been my normal ghostly self).

After hunting around for where to actually get the marriage license, we finally landed on the right spot (the Hall of Records in case you were wondering).

Santa Barbara Hall of Records

They then filled out some online paperwork . . . Note: this part could be awkward for people who don’t know each other very well since there are questions about prior marriages, age, children, etc. (and if it is awkward, this might be a good time to ask yourself: am I making the right decision here?  Just a thought for ‘ya).  But of course, with these two, no awkward moments at all (although the name change decision got a bit dicey . . . some last names are just the pits, ya’ know? 😉 ):

Applying for a California Marriage License

Then came a bit of waiting . . .

Waiting for Marriage License

They took an oath, signed some stuff, and $87 later . . .

They had a marriage license!

The Handing Over of the Marriage License

Uncle Tree ceremoniously handed it to them since he’d be performing the actual nuptials the next day (we like to keep things official in our family).  Now that all that paperwork schmaperwork was taken care of, it was time to get our craft on . . . more on that tomorrow!

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