So I completely stole the post title from my sister, but I just love that scene.  When the Mr. and I got engaged, I just kept saying that to him over and over again . . . “Mawwiage–Mawwiage is whah bwings us twogether twoday.”  I guess after that I’m lucky he even went through with our marriage, particularly because he had never seen Princess Bride back then, so he probably just thought I was totally crazy.  But don’t worry, I made him watch it . . . it wasn’t love at first sight for him, but he’s warming to it.

But on to the reason for the title: my sister got HITCHED!!  That’s right–she’s a married woman now, and we only just got back in town from a whirlwind trip to California, Las Vegas, and everything in between (literally).  The wedding was absolutely stunning–it was held on the grounds of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, which may sound strange to you, but to anyone who’s been there, they get it.  The setting was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!  See for yourself:
Santa Barbara County Courthouse

 And the reception followed at The Canary Hotel’s rooftop:

Canary Hotel Rooftop
 I’ll post more details soon, but here’s a teaser photo of the couple on their big day:
The Happy Couple

Princess Bride pic from here.


  1. So great to see you guys, can’t wait to see you photos (Google album please)
    I totally used Mawwage and Tru Wuv as album titles for my online wedding albums.

    Treasure your wov. xoxo the dweam within a dweam, ok i’ll stop now.

    • I’m hoping to get photos up soon, but I’ve got a lot of editing to do. Check back here as I’ll be posting bits and pieces of the whole thing all week. Great to see you guys! I’m going to set up a fare alert so I can come visit soon . . .

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