Ventura: Check!

Ventura Pier

We made it to California!  Although, note to self: flying into LA is absolutely insane.  I know we’ve only been in Small Town America for just over a month, but apparently we have completely forgotten how crazily crowded big cities can be . . . and on a Wednesday night at 11 PM!  Don’t these people sleep?!  I mean, doesn’t everyone else go to bed at 9:30?  Yeah, you don’t have to say it: we’re old.  And sort of boring.  But we like it.

We woke up this morning in Ventura (at 6:45 am, ‘cuz that’s what old farts like us do), and we walked around the town, grabbed a bagel and headed to the beach.  And yes, it was just us and some old surfer dudes at that hour. Oh, and some homeless people (they at least have the right idea–if you’re going to be homeless, do it in Cali).

With those views, you’d think that all was well with our morning walk, right?  Wrong.  Everything was fine until Mr. Bunches had a little (and I emphasize the word little, although he would most likely disagree) food-related accident: basically, a mini-cream-cheese disaster.  We had grabbed bagels and cream cheese from a sweet little bakery on Main St, Savory Cafe, and apparently Mr. Bunches wasn’t aware that when you put cream cheese on a hot toasted bagel, well, it melts.  And in this case, it melted all over his shoes.  His 2+ year-old running shoes.  Yeah, I don’t know what the big deal was either.

But overall, Ventura was quaint and if we had more time, we I would have liked to poke around downtown in all the local shops . . . but we’ve got a wedding to get to!  Next stop: Santa Barbara!

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