Munchkin Withdrawal

I’m not talking about these munchkins:

Although I did win a munchkin-eating contest at my first job (yep–I beat out all the guys with my eating prowess: 24 munchkins in 10 minutes; it may not sound like many, but I dare you to try it . . . the sugar rush alone almost killed me).

No, I’m talking about missing these munchkins:

Saying goodbye to our niece and nephew was absolutely one of the hardest things we had to do when we left Boston.  They are hands-down the cutest, feistiest, smartest, bestest kids ever.  EVER.  (No bias because of relations, of course.)  They came over for one last visit before we moved–the house was littered with boxes, in complete disarray, but as far as they were concerned, it was just a great adventure . . . my nephew and I even managed to find some toys in our disheveled basement to take to the park: a bubble maker and sidewalk chalk.  I mean, does it get any better?!

Mr. Bunches even got a new nickname out of it thanks to his Vacation Bunches ways: Uncle Porcupine, because, as our nephew said, “You’re furry . . . like a PORCUPINE!”  (He then erupted in a fit of a laughter–is there any sound quite like that of a kid cracking himself up?!)  So of course, then they had to do their best porcupine impressions . . . I never knew porcupines were such fierce animals, but they’re working it!

Munchkins image courtesy of here.


  1. I just spoke with my little munchkins on skype. You are right, it’s so difficult to say goodbye. My nieces are my ray of light, they bring sun on a cloudy day and so on. Really great post.

  2. Uncle Porcupine looks like a fierce bear out of hibernation. When he refers to “vacation Bunches”, is that when he’s nested for the winter?

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