Glam Time

Last weekend I took a break from house-hunting and headed to DC for my sister’s bridal shower/bachelorette shindig.  See, my older sister, Doodles, is getting hitched next weekend in Santa Barbara (wow–I can’t believe it’s so soon!), and so, as Maid of Honor, it fell on me to organize a get-together with her girlfriends.  And of course, in my typical procrastinating ways, I did nothing until the last minute.  But shhh–don’t tell Doodles that!  Luckily, one of her bestest gal pals is also one of the best party planners ever, so she totally saved the day and I think everyone had a great time (thanks again Jenn!):

Dinner at Cuba Libre was fantastic, even though the decor was reminiscent of a combination between Disney World and Las Vegas–fake windows, street lights, balconies, you name it–they had it:

But the food was great–small plates for sharing (the tuna ceviche was incredible), and entrees that could easily be split for two.  Oh, and the mojitos!  Serious mojito-love happening there . . . we had pitchers of the classic and the mango varieties, and they were out-of-this-world.  Although, I’m not sure there was that much alcohol in them–we’re all pretty much lightweights (so sad, huh?  Apparently that’s what marriage, motherhood, and age do to you) and yet, none of us felt tipsy.  I think we got more of a sugar high from them than anything.  But I’ll take me some sweet, sweet sugar any day . . .

We finished the night with a bottle of champagne at Cure Bar & Bistro but I’m not so sure the bar was that happy about it.  It was ~11:30 when we got there, and I think 3 separate employees came up to us to tell us that last call was in 5 minutes.  Apparently glittery sunglasses scare fancy restaurant waiters in DC.  Noted.

Brunch on Sunday was delicious–both because of the food and because of this little monkey:

I highly recommend Brasserie Beck–except for our shouting waiter, everything was great (seriously–it was super strange; he was practically screaming at us and I’m pretty sure the entire restaurant could hear the specials).  If you go, try the lamb sandwich with goat cheese or the tomato bisque with goat cheese (notice a theme here?) . . . both were amazing.

Once the sun came out we took a stroll around the Tidal Basin to check out the last remaining cherry blossoms.  You can’t tell from this picture, but DC was crawling with people.  It just reminded me how much I hate crowds.  Especially crowds on the Metro–I swear, I don’t understand how people find it so confusing.  There are pictures people!

But the weekend was capped off by dinner with these two cuties.  Could they be more precious?

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