Fine Dining: Brockport Style

With the move to WNY, we’ve made some pretty hard sacrifices: saying goodbye to family and friends; leaving the comfort of our cozy condo; relegating almost all of our belongings to the company of snakes and carpet rolls . . . but all of that just might pale in comparison to the loss of one of our most favorite weekly (and sometimes bi- or tri-weekly) activities:

New Rod Dee

So of course our friends and family mean more to us than thai food, but believe me, this place is crazy good.  New Rod Dee has the BEST Pad Thai ever.  Ever.  Oh, and Tom Yum Noodle Soup–if you’re feeling sick or you’ve got a cold coming on, this soup is literally a magic cure.  I’m talking real MAGIC, people!  We ordered takeout from there at least once a week, sometimes twice a week.  Sigh.

BUT, no sense dwelling on the past right?!  While we haven’t found a thai place (or really any ethnic food) in Brockport (unless you count HO HO Grand Buffet, which I refuse to go to based on the name alone), we have found some excellent pizza & wing establishments in town.  Shocking, I know–good wings and pizza in NY?  No way.  Our first taste of WNY pizza came from Main Street Pizza, aptly located on Main Street.  Now, as many of you may know, I can be picky about the quality of my food, and new pizza adventures can sometimes be treacherous–I have to say that our pizza trials in Boston inevitably all ended in failure (which is probably why we ended up starting our own pizza place, but I digress).  Right before we moved, we tried Naked Pizza, the new Pizzeria Regina in Allston, and Little Pizza King.  We wouldn’t recommend any (although the original Pizzeria Regina in the North End is excellent).

Okay, but back to Brockport . . . Main Street Pizza was a nice surprise: the crust was just right (thin, but not too thin, with a crispy, chewy edge) and fresh toppings.  Oh, and then there’s the Buffalo Wings–meaty, spicy, with just the right amount of sauce . . . mmm.  Yum.  So, of course, thinking that we just had beginner’s luck, we decided to just keep ordering from there, for surely Brockport must suffer from the same good-pizza-shortage that afflicts Boston?  But no–we can plainly say, it does NOT!

In fact, Moose convinced Mr. Bunches to try out Mozzeroni’s for the allegedly homemade sauce.  I say allegedly, because as former restaurant owners, we know that there are lots of products out there advertising themselves as homemade, but really, unless someone’s living in a factory, I’m not buying it.  But in this case, Mr. Bunches attested to the home-brewed goodness of Mozzeroni’s sauce–he saw them making it right in the store!  And I can attest to the taste–totally fantastic:

Mmm . . . sausage and cheese (it would have also had green peppers, but apparently that was too complicated for Moose to order–he kept saying pepperoni instead of peppers . . . wonder why that is? 🙂 ) We both agreed that the pizza from Mozzeroni’s just edged out Main Street Pizza, but not by much.  And the wings? (Yes–apparently now Mr. Bunches has decided that every time we order pizza, we need to get a dozen wings too . . . I’m not so sure how that happened, but I’m going with it.)  Well, MSP’s wings were hands-down better than Mozzeroni’s–the MSP ones were just so much meatier.  And you know we love us some meat.



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