Baby Bunches: One Month

As a second child myself, I am determined to make sure that Baby Bunches doesn’t get jipped in the picture department (while my sister has loads of beautiful baby pictures, I think that there are a collective ten shots of my entire childhood, ages birth to 18; and somehow most of those are of my awkward years–or maybe I was just super awkward? Anyways, I digress).  The point is, I want Baby B to have a close-to-equal amount of pictures as Mini Bunches. And part of that includes the monthly photos for the first year. While with Mini B I went pretty simple, meaning no particular theme . . .



I thought that with Baby B I would get a little more creative. So here goes: Baby B is one month old (and yes, there have been tears shed–how has a month already gone by?!?!)

My goal was to capture a few details about the month along with a pic of Baby B in his monthly onesie (thanks Auntie!). In case anyone is interested, the above pic was taken with an iPhone 6, edited in the VSCO cam app, and the text/graphics were added with the Over app.  And of course there were some shots that weren’t chosen . . .


What I think is super funny is that Baby B is sporting the same hairline at one month that Mini B was rocking at two months . . .


It’s a Boy!

Baby #2 has arrived and IT’S A Boy!!  Which means Mr. Bunches and I are 0-2 for guessing the genders of our kiddos :). Even Mini Bunches thought it was going to be a girl. But we are so excited to be in the one-of-each camp! And Baby Bunches is just wonderful.


We didn’t do newborn photos with Mini B, so this time I decided we should. That newborn phase is so short! So we had Sarah Bridgeman, an amazing local photographer, come to our home and capture our newly expanded family. To say she did an amazing job would be a massive understatement.







Now we just need to finish the nursery . . . yikes!

Embrace the Camera Challenge

My favorite blogger/photographer has set up another “Embrace the Camera” challenge (you can read all about it here).  And this time I thought I would partake.

She loves to do whatever I’m doing.  And taking pictures is no exception.  So it’s been hard lately to get her to let me take her picture (we usually end up with her helping me take pictures of Minnie and Daisy).  But then I remembered that I had a camera remote, and since the girl loves all things remote, we managed to grab a few keepers.




I’m glad that I got some of our Lego time (or, as she calls them: “Yegos”).  They are by far her favorite toy these days, particularly the “Pinky Yegos” i.e. the ones that we keep in the pink box.




It will be fun one day when she’s really old enough to cook with me, but since stirring is another of her favorite pastimes, I welcomed her help (and made sure to use a deep enough bowl to prevent the frequent over-zealous stirs of a toddler).


I like the reminder to get out from behind the camera.  Hopefully I’ll make it more of a regular occurrence.  Happy Friday all!  Oh, and GO WAHOOS!!!

2013 in Review

Another year.  Faster than the last.  Can that possibly keep happening?  I hope not.  Otherwise, I’m going to end up blinking and Mini Bunches will be graduating high school.

Now that everyone has hopefully received our Christmas cards (sorry for the delay, but it was Vistaprint’s fault), here it is for the interweb.

© 2013 Nickel City Studios




The photo was courtesy of Nickel City Studios’ Alyssa.  She is AMAZING.  I think that an annual photo shoot with her will become a tradition for sure.

It’s hard to believe that 2013 led us to so many places . . . Seattle, Dallas, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Florida, the Adirondacks, and Boston.  Phew.  Will 2014 be the same?  Let’s hope so.

And just to do a quick look back, here’s what a year did to my baby . . . from January 2013 to January 2014.  Sigh.





Wishing everyone a happy and health New Year’s!!

Clowning Around for Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!!



Mini B loves her clown costume (handmade by Aunt J).  She even gave us the “sad clown.”




But only briefly.  The hat was a bit of a challenge for her to keep on, but she loved the rest of the ensemble.  Dressing up is totally her idea of a good time these days . . .








I love that I have such a wonderful, talented Aunt who took time to not only make Mini B’s costume, but also a matching one for Mr. Squishy.

Processed with VSCOcam


If only they could be trick-or-treating together tonight, but maybe next year?  Either way, we love that they’ll be dressed the same even if they’ll be miles apart.





She loved walking in it and crunching leaves.  She just kept going back and forth.





I told her to go stand by the garage so I could take a picture.  She walked over and decided that she should sit down for the pictures.  Her mind is too funny.



Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!!!!




Processed with VSCOcam


Someone can’t wait to get some candy . . .



Good morning.


Where’s Mr. Squishy?

Where is he?!




Mini Bunches: 1 Year

It’s three months overdue, but finally here it is: a celebration of Mini Bunches’ first birthday!!


Don’t expect any Pinterest-worthy pictures here.  We didn’t go overboard for the party, nor was there any super cohesive theme.  The most cohesive thing would have to be the flag bunting.  Remember how I made her invitations?


Well, I tried to carry the flag theme through as best I could.  I bought a bunch of vintage sheets and made some fabric bunting (I used this free tutorial).  I wanted something really girly for Mini B, and I think this fit the bill.  Plus, it’s something that she could possibly decorate her big girl room with some day.


I made a bunch of different sizes, and put them up all over the house.





Besides that, the decorations were minimal.  Some balloons strewn all over, and some new picture additions to the house.



Those are all printed Instagrams (I used MPix to print them–great quality and they have an app, so you can upload files right from your phone), and I used a hot glue gun to stick them to the door (just a tip–be generous with the glue or else they’ll come down after a couple weeks).  I put them up in chronological order.  My plan is to completely cover the door.


And then I did a little artwork on the chalkboard pantry doors, and put up all of Mini B’s monthly pictures.


Now that we’ve covered the decorations/theme (or lack thereof), let’s get to what really matters about such occasions–the family and friends that really make it special.  Mini B lucked out on her first birthday–so many close family and friends made the trip to celebrate with her.  Just look who she got to wake up with . . .


That’s right–it’s Mr. Squishy!!!  He came out for Mini B’s big day.    So not only did she get to wake up to that smiling face, but she also was rocking some awesome birthday hair.


All of Mini B’s grandparents made the trip.  I don’t know what they liked more–playing with B or comparing who had the cutest pictures of B.


She had a great time at her party, even though the weather didn’t exactly cooperate.  Our outdoor cookout turned into an indoor feast thanks to some drizzly rain.


But we did sneak outside for a quick family photo shoot.



Mini B loved that everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.  So much so that we ended up doing it twice.


And then it was time for the moment we’d been waiting for–the SMASH cake!  I wanted to make her cake myself, so I used a low-sugar recipe for the cake (from here), and then just made regular cream cheese frosting (since she loves cream cheese).  I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t notice that ragged edge without icing–it’s in all the pictures.  Ugh.  When I made Mr. Squishy’s smash cake a few weeks ago, it came out much better.  Oh well.



We had high hopes for what might happen when the entire thing was placed in front of her.



That might have been her only taste.  After that she was more interested in feeding it to Mama and Dada.



Things progressed pretty slowly.  I felt badly for our guests.  Can you tell which ones of these are family?  I’ll give you a hint . . . ahem-iPhones-ahem.


We tried helping her along with a fork, but she just wasn’t digging how the icing felt on her hands (she was having a diva moment).



In the end I think more ended up on her chair than on her.



All in all, it was a great day.  Thank you to everyone who came, and thank you to all the friends and family who couldn’t make it but sent along lots of well-wishes.  B’s favorite part, besides the singing, was seeing so many new, fun people.  And also opening their gifts, haha.







Happy Birthday Mini Bunches.  I love you.  Best year of my life.



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